"competency, thoroughness, and integrity"

"unparalleled understanding of life insurance products:

"a very credible and persuasive witness"

"an impressive level of insurance expertise"

"ability to clearly explain difficult concepts"

"intelligent and deliberate capacity to analyze complex insurance issues"

"personal and business integrity"

"professionalism without peer"


Ted Affleck worked at the Home Office of Connecticut Mutual for 24 years. In his capacity as Manager of the Competitive Analysis & Sales Support Department, he was one of the company's primary contacts with its field force in matters regarding the design and utilization of our products to solve life insurance needs. I relied upon and respected his advice and usually took it. Without reservation, I recommend Mr. Affleck's competency, thoroughness, and integrity. - Denis Mullane, CLU, MSFS, Former CEO, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company (deceased)

I have known Ted over twenty-five years. We worked together at the Connecticut Mutual. Ted was an Agency officer at the company and devoted his career to the management of sales support services to the company's field force. His knowledge of the sales, marketing, and design of life insurance products and his candor and forthrightness made him a valuable resource to Connecticut Mutual and to me as its General Counsel. - Walter J Gorski, Vice President, General Counsel, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company (retired)

In my capacity as Executive VP of Connecticut Mutual Life insurance Company and President of Connecticut Mutual Financial Services, I counted on Ted Affleck to provide the product and competitive information necessary to meet our sales, profit, and customer retention goals. He always came through. He is considered one of the Insurance Industry's leading product experts with a rare combination of knowledge, analytical skills, and integrity that give him ultimate credibility. In addition to his technical and analytical skills, Ted has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is a valuable member of any product-oriented team. - Donald Pond, FSA, CLU, MAAA (retired)

I worked with Ted Affleck for 2 years and have known Ted for 15 years. As an insurance executive, Ted exemplified professionalism, integrity and competence. His analytical skills are outstanding. Ted has a unique ability to understand the insurance business from multiple perspectives including the company, the agent, and the policyholder. His insight always seems to find the right answer that is fair to all parties. On tough, complex issues, agents would ask for Ted because they trusted his judgment and product knowledge. I would strongly recommend Ted for any insurance issue requiring analysis as well as an objective view. - Barry Jacobson, FSA, former President, ACE International Life Insurance Company (retired)

In my capacity as agent and General Agent for Connecticut Mutual, I relied upon Ted for his unparalleled understanding of life insurance products. I also have enormous respect for his professionalism in the life insurance industry. His knowledge of the various complex life insurance products and how they are sold and marketed was second to none. I am very happy to have worked with him and still call on him when it is necessary. I fully endorse the work he is doing for the industry. - Salvatore Bellavia, Syracuse, New York (retired)

Ted Affleck has been a client, friend, business confidant and member of our Board of Directors for many years. His intelligent and deliberate capacity to analyze complex insurance issues places him in a category achieved by very few. Ted's depth and grasp of insurance products and issues combined with his personal and business integrity and professionalism is without peer in my experience. - Peter M. Bakker, Peter M. Bakker Agency, Inc., Avon, CT (retired)

I have worked with Mr. Affleck in a number of cases involving life insurance and have found him to be a very credible and persuasive witness. He is extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, very methodical in his approach to the issues, and always responsive to my questions. More importantly, Mr. Affleck understands more than most, the role that experts play in a case and provides unparalleled support to the attorney. I would recommend him highly. - Carlton E. Joyce, Partner, Bouhan Falligant LLP, Savannah, GA

Ted Affleck is the rare expert who combines experience, intellect, creativity and integrity. He is comfortable with the numbers, understands the context, and gets to the correct answer faster than anyone else. I have used Ted to consult and/or testify on a wide variety of highly complex variable insurance and other insurance matters, and I will enthusiastically continue to do so. - Robert Gilbert, Managing Partner, Gilbert & Renton LLC, Andover, MA

Our firm has used Ted Affleck on several occasions to help us evaluate life insurance "sales practice" and other types of cases. We have found Ted to be very honest and very competent, a "straight shooter". He has never hesitated to tell us if there is no case or if there are problems with a potential case. We represented an individual whose agent repeatedly converted the built-up cash values in existing policies to fund the sale of new policies; in total, over twenty policies were sold and replaced over a period of almost fifteen years. The damage calculation in the case was a nightmare, but Ted worked tirelessly to develop a program that apparently so impressed company counsel that the case was quickly settled as a result of Ted's work product. - Ron R. Parry, Shareholder, Strauss Troy Co. LPA, Cincinnati, OH

Our firm retained Ted Affleck to serve as an expert witness and consultant in a large and complicated variable life insurance dispute. Our success in the case was due in large measure to his invaluable assistance. Ted combines an impressive level of insurance expertise with an ability to clearly explain difficult concepts. He also is extremely personable and easy to work with. We would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to anyone who needs a top level insurance consultant or expert witness. - Anthony J. Hartman, Partner, Hermann, Cahn & Schneider LLP, Cleveland, OH (retired)

I retained Ted Affleck as an expert witness in a lawsuit concerning a $5 million life insurance policy. The depth of his knowledge about the complexities and subtleties of life insurance is surpassed only by his remarkable ability to make the subject, and the arithmetic, understandable by anyone. His integrity, patience, and sense of humor make him an ideal expert witness. - John S. Whitman, Senior Shareholder, Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger, Portland, Me.

Ted Affleck’s wide experience as a senior executive in a major insurance company, together with superior analytical and communication skills and a willingness to tackle complex and difficult issues, equip him to be a top notch expert consultant and witness. We retained him to analyze a case arising out of an insurance company’s treatment of dividends for a class of annuities it had issued. It was gratifying to see the superior talent and energy he gave to an in-depth review of thousands of company documents and deposition testimony of its officers, based on which he determined valid claims against the company existed. His report explaining that determination and ultimately his trial testimony were thorough, clear and convincing. This was reflected in the court’s post-trial decision which expressly confirmed the probative value of his testimony in upholding the claims. This guy is really good. - George P. Kersten, Kersten & McKinnon, S.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lead trial counsel in LaPlant v. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.

My firm retained Ted Affleck as an expert witness on a $500,000 life insurance dispute. Ted’s knowledge of insurance practices and procedures was instrumental and allowed us to frame our case for success at trial and, ultimately, for a very favorable settlement. Ted was very responsive and easy to work with, and I recommend him to anyone who needs an insurance expert. - Jason Morgan, Partner, Drohan, Tocchio & Morgan, P.C., Hingham, MA

Mr. Affleck is uniquely qualified on the interpretation and implementation of life insurance policies. He is published and has years of direct experience in the life insurance industry. Thanks to Mr. Affleck’s expertise, he guided me through the unusual world of universal life insurance policies, their unique language, and their often counter-intuitive outcomes at the expense of the policy holder. Mr. Affleck is not only an excellent expert, but a thoughtful and patient teacher. With Mr. Affleck on board, we were able to reverse a total denial on a $1.5 Million Dollar universal life insurance policy where premiums had gone unpaid for 2 years. To be sure, it was a fight in federal court, as these cases so often are. But with Mr. Affleck’s expertise, we made a difference in the client’s life and achieved a successful settlement on confidential terms. - H. K. Pita, Principal Partner, Pita, Weber Prado, Miami, FL