"ability to clearly explain difficult concepts"

"intelligent and deliberate capacity to analyze complex insurance issues"

"personal and business integrity"

"professionalism without peer"

Theodore Affleck, CLU Experience

Experience: 24 years in the home office of Connecticut Mutual (MassMutual after the 3/1/96 merger)


  • Managed Competitive Analysis & Product Support Department for 12 years
  • Member of MassMutual’s New Product Steering Committee
  • Member of Connecticut Mutual’s Interest Rate Review Committee
  • Connecticut Mutual’s representative to Northeast Pension Directors & ACLI Task Force on Small Pension Plans
  • Charter Member, former President of Life Insurance Sales Support Study Group
  • Created and maintained databases for term, par whole life, universal life, variable life, survivorship life

   Expert Testimony

  • Provided deposition testimony as Home Office expert (alleged misrepresentation of dividend scale, alleged improper disclosures on sales illustrations)

   Marketing & Training

  • Conducted life insurance product training sessions for agents/brokers
  • Provided platform presentations and workshop seminars at company conferences and regional meetings
  • Managed marketing launch of several new life insurance products
  • Authored regular monthly column for Connecticut Mutual’s newspaper, Blue Chip News
  • Presented regular segment on Connecticut Mutual’s monthly Video Newsfile

Experience: As an independent consultant since 10/1/99

   Life Insurance Product Litigation

  • Provided consulting services in two class action lawsuits alleging improper sales practices
  • Recommended settlement alternatives adopted in national class action lawsuit
  • Testified at trial alleging egregious replacement and sales misrepresentation
  • Testified at state class action trial on behalf of plaintiffs alleging improper treatment of annuity dividends
  • Researched underwriting classifications applicable to juvenile insureds
  • Testified on behalf of an agent accused of selling inappropriate products in a fund raising exercise on behalf of a university athletics department (2/12)
  • Discovered undisclosed connection between optional benefit and significant charge
  • Served as Faculty Panelist at 2004 ALI-ABA Conference on Life Insurance & Financial Services Litigation
  • Deposition testimony and/or expert analysis in over 50 cases, including -
    • Insufficient disclosure of impact of substandard rating on variable universal life policy performance
    • Allegations of insufficient disclosure of modal premium charges
    • Misrepresentation of risk factors that affected performance of UL contract
    • Misinformation by customer service department to policy owner regarding additional premium needed to keep policy in force

   Marketing, Training, & Sales Support

  • Drafted content for new long-term care product sales brochure

   Product Design & Development

  • Drafted content of product analysis offered by actuarial consulting firm
  • Developed “Monte Carlo” testing program to assess risk of illustrated variable life premiums failing to maintain coverage

   Professional Articles

  • Authored 2 articles for Journal of Financial Service Professionals – “Lapsing on Surrender Value: Counterintuitive to Most Perceptions” (May, 2006) & “A Revised Illustration for Variable Universal Life: The Right & Proper Thing to Do” (July, 2007) Articles/Resources
  • Authored article for PIABA Bar Journal – “Variable Universal Life Changes Everything”(Volume 19, No.2 • 2012) Articles/Resources

   Professional Involvement

  • Served  as Volunteer Member of Certified Financial Planning Board’s Disciplinary and Ethics Committee (November, 2011)
  • Elected to Board of Directors, Hartford Chapter, Society of Financial Service Professionals (Summer, 2012)
  • One of three speakers at workshop on “Damages” at PIABA Annual Conference (October, 2012)